PLT Foo Foo 10th anniversary blog post

2023 Grant Recipient Feature: A swinging speakeasy with the Pensacola Little Theatre

Date Posted: Aug 23, 2023

Pensacola Little Theatre has been creating theatre for more than 80 years in Pensacola, and that includes partaking in the 12-day celebration of all things arts and culture, Foo Foo Fest. That continues once again this year as Pensacola Little Theatre once again is a grant recipient in Foo Foo’s 10th-anniversary celebration.

“Foo Foo Fest is such a beautiful way to showcase the arts and culture of Pensacola on a large scale in a short amount of time,” says Sid Williams-Heath, CEO of Pensacola Little Theatre. “It has been really special for us to be part of what they have done over the last decade.”

The nonprofit organization continues its longstanding participation in Foo Foo Fest with Singeasy, a speakeasy-inspired series that’s sure to keep audiences tapping their toes, swaying in their seats, and perhaps even singing along. “Singeasy is going to be so fun because it’s truly going to run the musical gamut,” Sid shares. “You’ll have traditional Streisand show tunes and then Beyonce. You’ll hear Adele and then Blackstreet. Best of all, there are no tracks—it’s all live singers singing to live playing of a baby grand piano. It’s going to be powerful.”

Pensacola Little Theatre has performed a similar event once before—right after production returned from the pandemic. “At that time, we thought we’d have performances run for a week, and then ended up running for two months,” Sid says. “People came from all over to experience it. We’re excited to be bringing it to Foo Foo.”

The event will be hosted in the redesigned black box theatre of The Clark Family Cultural Center—a moody and jazz-inspired lounge that will host only about 100 attendees at a time. “Think 54 Below in New York City,” Sid says. “It won’t be set up in the traditional theatre style so that it’s intimate and even sultry at times.”

The space will be set up in a true upscale lounge format with large couches and tables of all sizes. There will also be a full bar available during the event for guests to grab a drink. “It’s truly interactive with the best of the best singers and musicians in town,” Sid says. “We wanted something that’s a little more for a mature adult audience, whether it’s parents coming back once the kids go to bed or a fun girls’ night out.”

Speakeasy will run November 8 through 11 with 7:30 p.m. performances each night, along with a 2:30 p.m., performance on November 12.

“We’re so excited to be bringing this event back and have it be bigger and better than before with more performers,” Sid says. “Foo Foo grants allow organizations to take what they do well and do something they couldn’t do without funding help. We’re so excited about what we can do thanks to Foo Foo’s support.”

Tickets are on sale now here.

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