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Foo Foo Fest Founding Patron, Justine Simoni

Foo Foo Founding Patron

Justine Simoni

One only has to spend a few moments with Justine Simoni to appreciate her true passion, advocacy and celebration of the arts. Her exhibition of exquisite frames at the Pensacola Museum of Art, The Art of the Frame: Gems from the Simoni Collection showcases a collector, educator and champion of “cool”. It came as no surprise, when she approached Foo Foo Festival event creator, David Bear regarding personal and financial support for the 12 day festival.

Her immediate command of both short and long term benefit for the community at large and arts organizations served, showcases her sensibility and connection between art, business and humanity. Justine’s contribution allows for increased visibility and marketing for arts and culture in Pensacola. The festival committee and event organizers would like to thank Ms. Simoni, Foo Foo Festival Founding Patron for her generous support.

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