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Loud and Proud

Date Posted: Aug 12, 2022

Stamped LBGTQIA+ Film Festival is celebrating 10 years with its biggest Foo Foo Festival event yet 

Stamped LGBTQIA+ Film Festival is back at Foo Foo Festival once again, and this year it will be even louder and prouder as it celebrates a major milestone: its 10-year anniversary. As the organization celebrates, plans are in the works to make this year’s festival the most colorful yet. Sid Williams-Heath chats with us about the excitement surrounding the festival this year and what the audience can expect.

Q: Ten years is a major achievement; it must be exciting!

A: It is crazy to think about the film festival being around for 10 years now. It’s such an exciting milestone, and we’re truly celebrating it. When we started off, we were happy to have 10-15 people in attendance. As we have progressed and grown, we now have more than 400-500 people each night. It’s been great to see the town gather to celebrate its diversity.

Q: What can patrons expect to see this year?

A: We are looking to represent every letter of our alphabet set and more this year. The lineup hasn’t been released yet, but we are working hard to bring in films from all over the world to make sure there is equal representation so that no matter where you fall in the rainbow, there is something for you.

Q: This year the festival is bringing in more than films to celebrate, right?

A: Yes, in addition to the films, we will be having a series of celebrity guests, from artists and influencers to choreographers, musicians, directors, writers, and actors. There will be many meet and greet opportunities, private cocktail hours, and even scriptwriting workshops to talk about the films. It’s going to be a great array of influencers and celebrities you won’t want to miss.

Q: What are the dates this year?

A: The festival kicks off on November 10 and runs through the 13th. The last day, November 13, it’s a family-friendly day that will feature films and activities great for the whole family.

Q: How can someone get tickets?

A: Like always, it’s a completely free festival to attend. For the sake of capacity, we do ask that people go online to the Foo Foo Festival website and claim their free tickets. They are available now!

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