Savannah Sipping Society-Foo Foo Festival-Pensacola Florida-Girls Night

Lessons and Libations Served in The “Savannah Sipping Society”

Date Posted: Sep 23, 2019

Southern sass and class take the stage at this year’s Foo Foo Fest in the form of Pensacola Little Theatre’s performance of The Savannah Sipping Society. Playwrights Jones Hope Wooten’s (Jesse Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten) story of four southern women joined together by fate, and a love of happy hours, as they reevaluate their lives and the position in which they find themselves. Pensacola’s best players will bring the story to life in an excellent performance that is sure to have audiences laughing and crying over cocktails and camaraderie.

The play follows the introduction of four middle-aged women to each other at an impromptu happy hour, whether by accident or by fate is up to the audience’s interpretation. These four strong, unique southern women strike a bond over love, life, and libations as they inform new friends and the audience alike about where it is exactly the find themselves on this road called life. Relationships, careers, dreams, and goals are laid bare. However, once they are introduced, these gals encourage and support each other to recapture the love of life that was lost throughout the years.

Randa, a workaholic, and perfectionist has just gone through a massive derailment of the career she has given up her life to achieve. While trying to cope with this upheaval, she begins to understand that work was the only life she ever knew and that she is lost on how to find a new career path with meaning.

Dot, recently widowed, is uncertain of her quickly approaching retirement. She and her husband had a wonderful life waiting for them in retirement, but now she has no idea on how to start a new life from scratch, or by herself for that matter.

Marlafaye enters Savannah as a larger-than-life Texan, running from the pain of her husband running off with some twenty-something dental hygienist. Her determination to find, make and build a better life for herself is only matched by her desire to exact gleeful, total and righteous revenge on her ex and his new love interest.

And lastly, Jinx enters this fateful happy hour as the most convinced that she has life exactly where she wants it to be. A life coach bursting with energy, Jinx immediately applies her laser-like focus on helping her new friends address their problems, which may itself be a defense mechanism to distract her from her own problems. The woman that may need Jinx’s advice the most is, well, Jinx.

Girls’ Night Out takes on a whole new form at Pensacola Little Theatre November 1–3 and November 7–10, 2019. Grab the girls, tickets and join The Savannah Sipping Society for the happiest of happy hours and hilarious performances from Pensacola’s best players. There’s sure to be plenty of laughter, tears, heartbreaks and heartwarming adventures (and not a man in sight to boot) as The Savannah Sipping Society reminds you why your lady friends are so great to have in your life!

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