A Street Mural Like None Other

Date Posted: Oct 21, 2016

Throughout this year’s Foo Foo Festival (FFF), you can watch a massive piece of outdoor art unfold as popular Pensacola-based artists Ashton Howard and Evan Levin collaborate on a 3,000-square-foot outdoor mural. Drop by the downtown Jefferson Street Garage to catch a glimpse of the artists at work.

Here’s what Howard and Levin (H&L) had to say about the live painting event, which takes place over the duration of the festival, Nov. 3-14.

Foo Foo Fest: Can you describe the process for installing the mural? How long will it take?

H&L: We’ll be working from a 40-foot straight-arm lift to sketch and paint the entire mural. The mural will be hand-painted with brushes and rollers using approximately 30 gallons of a durable exterior acrylic specifically designed for mural painting. We estimate eight weeks, which includes priming, painting and final top coat.

Foo Foo Fest: What’s it like painting in front of spectators?

H&L: We both really love it and enjoy the energy it creates. We’re looking forward to having people engaged in our process from start to finish.

Foo Foo Fest: How did you decide on the components of the design, which features imagery from local history?

H&L: We have collaborated on previous artworks and , and we both agreed that we wanted to incorporate elements that are representative of Pensacola and its history, like the Spanish explorer Don Tristan de Luna, a Blue Angels jet, Fort Pickens and other images.

Foo Foo Fest: Is this your first collaborative mural? 

H&L: No, last year we did the Fly Like Foo Foo wings mural that was installed on Palafox Street for Foo Foo Festival.

Foo Foo Fest: Are there more murals in your future? 

H&L: Yes, we hope to start a mural movement in Pensacola and include other talented artists in the process.

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