What to pack when heading to Pensacola FL for the Foo Foo Fest

What To Pack For the Foo Foo Fest?

Date Posted: Sep 03, 2014

Heading to the Gulf Coast this Fall for the Foo Foo Fest? Well the weather might surprise you when you get here! Usually in November, a lot of cities experience cool weather in the low 60’s. However, coastal weather in Pensacola is in the mid to high 70’s! This is great news for those of you planning to attend the Foo Foo Festival where a lot of the events, like the Pensacola Marathon and Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival, take place outside. 

So, you may be asking yourself, what do I pack for this upcoming trip? Here’s 6 things we recommend: 

  1. Closed toe shoes- Not only will these keep your feet protected but also be more comfortable for the walking from place to place around Downtown Pensacola and the city.
  2. A light jacket- In the evenings it might get a little cooler and walking around some of our art galleries, you might get a little cool.
  3. A raincoat- Sometimes along the Gulf Coast it gets a little rainy.
  4. Shorts for the day, and pants at night.
  5. Sunscreen- Florida is called the Sunshine State for a reason
  6. Hat and sunglasses- Watching the Blue Angels you might need a little coverage for your eyes

Now that you know what you need for your trip to Foo Foo Fest, make sure you have booked your room! Visit our the hotels page of our website to see all the great offerings of places to stay in and around Pensacola. 

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