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PenArts presents: Into the Breeches

Event Info

For its 4th production, PenArts is proud to present “Into The Breeches!,” by George Brant.

From November 7th through November 10th, a cast of talented actors will bring this surprisingly modern comedy to life by telling the story of a show that not only must go on but will go on.

Please, join us in November as we celebrate the passion and enthusiasm of the human spirit!



Available online by clicking here.

The show should last two hours. Doors will open about 30min before the performances.

About “Into the Breeches”

It’s 1942 and with the men at war, the Oberon Play House is lacking its director and leading men. The season will be canceled… until the director’s wife rallies the troops at home for an all-female production of Shakespeare’s Henry V. With the opportunity to move from the sidelines to center stage, the women forge ahead with a spirit of collaboration, dauntless enthusiasm, the belief that art has the power to move us forward, and that a community can put its best foot forward in the darkest of times.

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