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Fire & Rain: Multi-block Art Installation

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A suspended sea of billowing holographic strands ripples high over historic Intendencia Street like a quilt of sparkling diamonds, curving up, dipping down and winding around, then skipping across Palafox to the towering stone columns of Artel Gallery, all the while casting moving shadows over pedestrians who pass underneath. The abstract art sculpture, hand-made from mylar and monofilament, stretches some 9,500 sq. ft. and rises and falls like a shimmering ocean in the sky, controlled by the breeze.High in the air, it shape-shifts, rewarding visitors’ day into evening with a live public art show of forms, reflective colors and breathtaking, rolling waves.

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Fire and Rain is an artistic collaboration of two local non-profit organizations, Artel Gallery and Friends of Downtown (who brought the Umbrella Sky Festival to Pensacola in 2017). Like Umbrella Sky, Fire and Rain is designed as an extended, month-long public art event drawing both local and out-of-market-visitors and memorializing Pensacola and Foo Foo Fest across the social media universe.

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