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Choir! Choir! Choir! is “equal parts singing, comedy, and community-building.” YOU are the performer at Choir! Choir! Choir! But no audition is necessary. Just show up at the Rex Theatre, trade your ticket for a lyric sheet, join a group of highs, mids or lows, and master an arrangement of an awesome song.

It’ll be an unforgettable evening of singing, comedy, and connection led by Toronto-based musicians Daveed Goldman and Nobu Adilman. Check out their weekly sings at Clinton’s Tavern.

Choir! Choir! Choir! began in 2011, when Toronto-based musicians Goldman and Adilman (aka DaBu) started writing three-part arrangements of pop/rock/folk songs* and, once a week, inviting people to drop by a local tavern to learn one of them. They recorded each performance and posted it on YouTube.

Since then, they’ve enjoyed phenomenal success, amassing a large and dedicated group of followers (necessitating two sessions weekly) and attracting nearly 129,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel. Most importantly, C!C!C! has grown into a force for building community through song, performing on major stages and at major events internationally and earning enthusiastic coverage

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(an article in the June 2016 issue of “The New Yorker” asserts that C!C!C! “has fashioned a profound way for people to connect and interact.”).

The Choral Society of Pensacola will bring DaBu to Pensacola to conduct an event similar to those in Toronto. Before the event, we’ll announce the evening’s song and urge potential participants to familiarize themselves with it.

You don’t have to read music, but you do need a ticket. Get yours before they sell out!

Songs range from classics by the Beatles, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, and Patti Smith to recent hits by Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift – with a wide variety of mainstream and indie songs in between. C!C!C! participants are equally diverse.

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