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Bring On the Bands with Night Moves

Date Posted: Sep 15, 2023

Night Moves brings major musical acts to Pensacola to celebrate Foo Foo Fest’s 10th anniversary

Night Moves’ mission is to provide a safe place to play for musicians, and it’s meeting that goal while also putting Pensacola on the musical map with its Foo Foo Fest event this year, Night Moves Music Fest. “We are so excited about this event,” shares Robert Goodspeed, Night Moves director. “We feel that this music festival is a great way to bring some high-profile bands here to play, with the goal of getting more visibility to Pensacola. Hopefully, this festival is just the first of something we can bring to the community for years to come.”

Night Moves Music Fest is an all-day music festival that will be bringing some of the very best bands around to Pensacola. There are upwards of a dozen national and regional alternative and indie acts that will be performing, with headliners including Manchester Orchestra, Built to Spill, and Soccer Mommy. Other artists include Microwave, Lunar Vacation, Hovvdy, Pool Kids, Macseal, and Fake Eyes. “Built to Spill and Pool Kids have both played here before, but none of the others have,” Goodspeed said. “We feel this is a great way to bring something to Pensacola that it deserves because of how much the community supports local music and the art scene. We want our community to be proud and know that because of their continued support, things like this can happen.”

Some local bands are also in the lineup—an addition to the schedule that was important to Night Moves because of their desire to showcase local talent—including Palmmeadow, GLSNR, and Cavae Mundi. “What many people don’t know is that Andy Prince, the bass player for Manchester Orchestra, is from Pensacola too,” Goodspeed added. “He’s a big advocate for Pensacola and bringing stuff like this here too.”

The Music Fest is the first ever event the nonprofit organization is putting on for Foo Foo Fest, and they are thrilled to be bringing such a big event to Foo Foo’s 10th anniversary celebration. “We are incredibly humbled to be a grant recipient this year,” Goodspeed said. “We are so thankful that Foo Foo saw our vision because we wouldn’t be able to bring something like this to the community without their support.”

Adding to the festival’s draw is the music festival’s location: Maritime Park, a prime open-air location featuring incredible scenery. “It’s the quintessential Florida experience with the water, sunshine, and perfect view,” Goodspeed said. “Oftentimes at music festivals, you don’t get a cool backdrop, but this being right on the water really enhances the atmosphere and adds to what is already planned to be an unforgettable day.”

Night Moves Music Fest be held on Saturday, November 4 from noon until 11:00 p.m. with an after-show at The Handlebar. The big event, however, kicks off Friday evening with a VIP preshow from 8:00 pm until 11:00 pm that’s also at The Handlebar. The pre-show will feature an intimate performance by Built to Spill, along with two local bands, Heavy Kid and Starlin. Those who purchase VIP tickets will get into the preshow, as well as get the chance to take advantage of VIP amenities on Saturday. “We anticipate the event selling out, so get tickets while you can,” Goodspeed said. “This is definitely going to be an event you don’t want to miss.”

Tickets are on sale now at

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