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A Salute to Service with the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra

Date Posted: Aug 30, 2023

Pensacola Symphony Orchestra pays tribute to Pensacola’s history and tradition for 10th anniversary of Foo Foo Fest

Pensacola is a city steeped in naval history, and the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra will be playing to that history and tradition with its eagerly-anticipated Foo Foo Fest performance, Homecoming: A Musical Celebration of History & Tradition.

Homecoming: A Musical Celebration of History & Tradition seeks to celebrate the men and women of the armed services with a special performance scheduled for Veterans Day, November 11. The performance by brass and percussion musicians will feature a range of patriotic tunes, including the Armed Forces Salute.

“It’s a beautiful tapestry of music that includes every branch’s song,” explains Julie Martin Green, education and community engagement administrator for the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra. “It’s sure to be a highlight because when it’s played, the service members of each branch stand up and are recognized. It’s a truly meaningful piece of music.”

Adding to the significance of the afternoon performance is its location: it’s scheduled to take place in the National Naval Aviation Museum’s Blue Angels Atrium, an approximately 10,000-square-foot open area that’s also approximately 75 feet high. “It’s a phenomenally beautiful space,” Julie says. “Hanging suspended above the floor are retired Blue Angels planes. To imagine a brass choir filling that space with music on Veterans Day is exciting.”

In addition to the patriotic playlist, the grant-receiving performance will also include other genres as well, including jazz and big band music by American composers Eric Whitacre and David Marlatt. In addition to honoring men and women of the armed services and catching an amazing performance by a group of talented musicians with the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra, the event will also be an opportunity for attendees to check out a unique part of Pensacola’s landscape, the National Naval Aviation Museum.

“Not only can attendees experience the arts and honor those who have served, but it’s a great chance to see one of Florida’s greatest tourist destinations,” says Courtney Dell, patron development and communications for the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra. “Kids can hop in an airplane and see what it feels like. History buffs can look at some remarkable aircraft and learn more about the history there. It will offer a little bit of something for everyone all in one event.”

Just as importantly, the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra is excited about honoring veterans and the military community with Homecoming, but Pensacola’s heritage as well. “Our mission with these events is to bring music, musicians, and the community together,” Courtney says. “Pensacola has such a rich history, and for us to be able to celebrate and enjoy during the 10th anniversary of Foo Foo Fest is exciting.”

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