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The Living Museum: A Trip through Pensacola’s History

Nov. 9, from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Location: Pensacola Museum of History View Map

Tickets: FREE

Foo Foo Fest and Fiesta Pensacola present The Living Museum: A Trip through Pensacola’s History at the Pensacola Museum of History.

This interactive experience will feature diverse characters from Pensacola’s storied history, beginning in 1559 with the discovery of Pensacola by Don Tristan de Luna and continuing through today.

Actors will dress in culturally appropriate and time-period-accurate costumes to act out scenes from our past, answering questions from visitors and giving them an insight into our shared history, making the stories come alive like never before.

The characters from Pensacola’s past will include Chappie James, Trader Jon, OJ Semmes, and others. This event will serve as a genuine timeline of Pensacola’s history, not only focusing on the founding of Pensacola or the majority groups of our past but going further into history and including the minority groups and events that are important but not traditionally covered in the history books.

The best part of this event is that the actors will use the artifacts in the Pensacola Museum of History as parts of the show, making the actual relics into props that the actors can reference.

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