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Poseidon’s Garden, presented by First City Art Center

Nov. 2-13

Location: Maritime Park View Map

Tickets: Free and open to the public

The vast waterways surrounding the greater Pensacola area provide bountiful gifts to our charmed area of Florida. Of particular significance is the beauty that comes from the sea.

As part of the 10th Anniversary of Foo Foo Fest, “Poseidon’s Garden” is an opportunity to bring focus to the beauty and the abundance that we enjoy. Located in the protected area of the tidal basin at Maritime Park, the installation will include various-sized blown glass orbs and spikes rising from the water as an offering from Poseidon to recognize our area’s stewardship of our beautiful surroundings. The glass installations will be dispersed throughout the basin. Over 300 mouth-blown objects will be combined to create a spectacular visual presence.

The art for this installation will be created by local glassblowers, using state-of-the-art equipment at First City Art Center. These incredible artists will combine their efforts to create multi-colored, multiple-sized glass objects. This proposal is entirely local-centric and provides a platform to showcase the quality of our artists, their experience, and capabilities, all while providing an installation of noteworthy consideration.

We will open the exhibit with a Maritime Park / onsite demonstration by our glassblowing staff using our mobile glassblowing studio – the Little Dragon. The public is enamored by the visual and the process of this extraordinary medium. This demonstration, as we have experienced in other settings, will be a public favorite.

Poseidon’s Garden will be active from November 2nd through November 30. First City Art Center is privileged to have the support of The City of Pensacola in this project.

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