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Jazzin’ Up the Night

Date Posted: Aug 31, 2022

Jazz Pensacola bringing one of the biggest names in jazz—and rock—to Foo Foo Festival

Jazz Pensacola always brings the best of the genre to Foo Foo Festival, and this year is no different. The nonprofit organization has put together a one-night event that will not only spotlight the best of jazz, but bring with it elements of funk, rock, and more. Here, Ali Egan, who’s on the Jazz Pensacola Board of Directors, shares what they’ve got planned and why you’ll definitely want to be there.

Q: Jazz Pensacola has put together some fabulous programs in the past. Tell me about what Jazz Pensacola is doing this year.

A: This year we’re really excited to be presenting internationally renowned Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, which will be held on November 7 at Vinyl Music Hall in downtown Pensacola.

Q: Karl Denson is a huge name in the jazz world—it’s got to be incredible to be bringing him to Pensacola!

A: Yes, we are so excited! Karl Denson is the touring saxophonist with The Rolling Stones. He put together this amazing group of extremely talented musicians, and he fronts the seven-member band. And it is so much more than jazz—there are also elements of funk, rock, soul, and blues, so they are going to appeal to so many people. Their energy and spirit are contagious!

Q: In addition to this big-name main act, there’s also going to be an opener, a local band. Tell me about them.

A: AC3 is going to be opening the evening, and the band is comprised of three brothers: Austin Paul Jr., Andrew Conner, and Aundre Conner. They all started playing at a very young age and they are beyond incredibly talented. They started playing together in high school in the Washington High School Jazz Band. Austin is a five-time winner of the Apollo Theatre Award in Harlem, New York, and he’s performed at Carnegie Hall. Andrew and Aundre are twins and are currently attending Florida A&M University. The group has performed with Gerald Albright and Kenny G. They played at our Jazz Fest and it was fantastic, so we’re really excited to have them for the night.

Q: Adding to the reasons to attend is that the program will serve as a fundraiser supporting Jazz Pensacola, right?

A: Yes, this will serve as a fundraiser that helps us put on the Jazz Festival every April, which is free to the public. We have two main fundraisers a year, and this will be one of them. Tickets are on sale now, and we’re really excited about the evening. It’s really going to have something for everyone.

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