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Unrequited presented by the Pensacola Little Theatre

Nov. 4-6; Nov. 8-9

Location: Pensacola Little Theatre View Map

Tickets: Tickets Required, $50 apiece

Fusing the haunting halls of The Center with the vibrant storytelling of one of William Shakespeare’s most beloved love stories, Pensacola Little Theatre will take the concept of escapism from the beloved New York City-inspired Sleep No More and bring it here to our community.

Based on William Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy, Romeo and JulietUnrequited is an immersive theatrical event: dance with the Capulets in their grand ballroom, dodge the Montagues on the streets of Verona and be a part of a thrilling affair.

As a member of the audience, you will follow the characters through the action of the story as it weaves throughout the beautiful Clark Family Cultural Center.

Your ticket includes sips and snacks throughout the tour, and each tour lasts for one hour.


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