Pensacola Little Theatre presents a larger than life 3D projection celebration of art

Larger Than Life

Date Posted: Sep 07, 2021

Pensacola Little Theatre presents Celebration of Art: An Immersive 3D Projection Experience

Art of all types is on the agenda for this year’s Foo Foo Festival in Pensacola, but perhaps no group is celebrating a variety of artforms bigger and more colorfully than the Pensacola Little Theatre with its Celebration of Art: An Immersive 3D Projection Experience.

The multi-sensory event will be part digital graffiti project, part live performance, and it will take place literally on and between the Pensacola Cultural Center and the Museum of Art across the street. The dual building projection will bounce back and forth between each structure, providing what can only be described as a fun, whimsical, and abstract look at art.

“As the Pensacola Cultural Center, we house so much art that we wanted our event to represent each type of art we represent,” says Sid Williams-Heather, who not only serves as executive director of Pensacola Little Theatre but also CEO of the Pensacola Cultural Center. “But the best part is it’s not just virtual art. It’s completely immersive.”

The event will colorfully depict arts of all types, from writing and painting, to singing, theatre, and dance. While the 3D projections seamlessly bounce back and forth between the two buildings, there will also be live performances as well, including musicians, ballerinas from Ballet Pensacola, performers from the Pensacola Little Theatre, and even a graffiti artist.

The current collection at the Pensacola Museum of Art will be showcased as well. “It’s a really unique way to depict so many different types of art in a truly colorful way,” Sid adds.

The organization is working with Los Angeles-based PaintScaping to create the 3D mapping projection. The iconic West Coast company works with major clients around the world, from The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and BMW to major celebrities including Rihanna and Ariana Grande.

To be held the second weekend of the festival—November 11 through 14—the event lasts less than 10 minutes and will run every 30 minutes. Between performances, the organization will be performing a variety of Broadway songs. While the event is free, tickets can be purchased to get more of a VIP experience.

Ticket includes complimentary cocktails and a private area for optimum viewing. “The focus of this event is to celebrate art,” Sid says. “The Pensacola Little Theatre may be putting this on, but it celebrates all art, and whatever specific art your heart may be rooted in, chances are you’ll find it in our program.”

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