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Pensacola Museum of History

Nov. 4-7; Nov. 9-13

Location: Pensacola Museum of History View Map

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Explore Pensacola’s story in the Pensacola Museum of History starting with the City of Five Flags exhibit on the first floor.

From there stroll through Trader Jon’s, aniconic Pensacola landmark now reproduced in the Museum of History; as well as these changing 2nd-floor exhibits, Queering Spaces: Celebrating Pensacola’s LGBTQ+Community; 9/11 Remembered; and, The Story of Us: From Curiosity Cabinets to Modern Museums.

Finally, visit the third floor exhibit, 2000 Men: Black PoliticiansDuring Reconstruction to learn how after the Civil War newly enfranchised Black men entered the world of politics for the first time.

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