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Gulf Coast Quilt Trail

Nov. 4-15

Location: Multiple Locations View Map

Tickets: FREE; Some Events Ticketed

Gulf Coast Quilt Trail in partnership with the Pensacola Quilter’s Guild is creating a folk art scavenger hunt.

The Gulf Coast Quilt Trail consists of a map with the location of 20+ public folk art installations across Escambia County. Each installation ranges in size from 2-foot square up to 8-foot square. Each installation resembles a Quilt Block. All are a little different from each other, but all have the same folksy theme of quilting squares and are instantly recognizable.

If you are driving into Pensacola for events during the Foo Foo Festival. Look along all the major thoroughfares like Highway 98, Highway 90, and Highway 29. Or find our map online and plan to take some of these side roads to find pieces of art to kickoff your Vacation Artfully.

Get out of the house and take a drive to find all of the Quilt Squares while following the Trail Map. Quilt Squares not only have a folksy art effect but also beautify and bring public art to more rural areas and roads less traveled. It becomes a scavenger hunt adventure out of the city and into the country as you drive to find them all.


Snap a photo of the Quilt Squares that you find and share to Instagram with our hashtag #GulfCoastQuiltTrail

Think of an old barn sitting in the middle of a green pasture. As you drive past you notice a brightly painted Quilt Square hanging on its side. It is unexpected but folksy and familiar at the same time.  That is what Gulf Coast Quilt Trail is. It is an unexpected but familiar public art for the folk.

This installation is not just unique to the Gulf Coast. There are more than 8,000 Quilt Squares hanging across the country in all 50 states. The American Quilt Trail movement has been around since 2001. It is currently the largest grassroots public art movement in the country and now it is making its place on the Gulf Coast.

Find the map here at: gulfcoastquilttrail.com

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