More Than the Elements Will Perform in Fire and Rain

Date Posted: Sep 09, 2019

Fans of last year’s Umbrella Sky installation won’t want to miss Fire and Rain at Foo Foo Fest 2019! This year’s installation is an extended, month-long public art collaboration between Artel Gallery and Friends of Downtown that takes place October 31 through November 11 and on for several weeks after. Like Umbrella Sky, Fire and Rain is designed to attract local and visiting artists and festival-goers to contribute and share Pensacola and Foo Foo Fest around the world of social media.


Fire and Rain High in the Heavens

The installation will be a rippling wave of holographic strands flying high above Intendencia Street, sparkling with a divine shine over downtown Pensacola. Fire and Rain will stretch over 9,500 square feet across Palafox to the Tuscan columns of the Artel Gallery, shading pedestrians passing underneath in a kaleidoscopic symphony of color and form. The hand-made mylar and monofilament streamers rise and fall with the wind, shimmering and shifting shape with every breeze. Visitors will be rewarded with a breathtakingly unique viewing experience every time they travel by Palafox.


The Elements Aren’t the Only Performers

Event organizers Friends of Downtown and Artel Gallery invited performers, performance artists and more to be a part of Fire and Rain. Musicians, magicians, fitness groups, puppet shows, face painters, dancers, doers and everything in between will be performing on select dates over the course of this year’s Foo Foo Fest. On any given day of the festival, visitors will be treated to multiple distinct encounters bathed in shimmering light from above. Fire and Rain will be a tapestry of art, music, crafts and experiences right in the heart of Pensacola, shareable for all the world to see.

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