4 Cubes, 16 Artistis, 1 Phenomenal event – CUBED

Date Posted: Oct 24, 2017

Public art and creativity take on a whole new meaning with CUBED.

From the artists who brought you the Jefferson Street Mural, Evan Levin and Ashton Howard, comes CUBED, a 12-day mural installation and live public art performance. Over the course of three-days, 16 selected artists will each paint a side of four, eight-by-eight foot canvases. The painted cubes will be on display at the Palafox Market.

Levin and Howard got the idea for CUBED after they spent 70-plus days live painting a mural on the Jefferson Street parking garage. “We decided then and there that we wanted to create an event that would be centered around live art performances and that would involve the community and other local artists,” Howard adds. “That’s what led to CUBED.”

During this year’s Foo Foo Festival, both wanted to focus on public art because of the interest and uniqueness it adds to a community. “When you see murals and public art, it brings a whole different energy to the city,” Levin says. “Public art shows that the community really supports the arts. It enhances the experience in a city, both for locals and tourists as well.”

Levin and Howard hope CUBED will become an annual event, one that will benefit local artists and Pensacola. “Pensacola has a great, tight knit community, and there is really a lot of talent here,” Howard says. “We’re hoping this event will highlight the local talent and propel Pensacola into being an even bigger art scene.”

The painted cubes will remain at the Palafox Market throughout Foo Foo Festival. After the festival, they will be moved to the plaza of the Pensacola Museum of Art.

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