The Heroic Tale of True Comeback Kings – The Oystermen

Date Posted: Sep 22, 2017

Everyone enjoys a good comeback story, and this year we are celebrating the return of a true Gulf Coast region hero – The Oystermen.

After the devastating affects to the seafood industry due to the BP Oil Spill in 2010, the oystermen are making a comeback with new techniques and tactics. In the years since the spill, a group of scientists and oyster farmers have been quietly sowing the seeds for a renaissance, using new aqua culture techniques to raise premium oysters for the half-shell market.

Every notable comeback story has important characters, so prepare your palate and dive in.

The Tragedy: The BP oil spill resulted in the loss of around four to eight billion oysters. In the after effects, oyster prices dramatically rose and oystermen loss their lifeblood. More than half a year passed before oysters were deemed safe to eat again, but the supply what it was before.

The Comeback King: Oyster farmers are coming back with style and upending long-held conventions about Gulf oysters. In addition to providing the coveted shellfish to tourists and locals alike, the oyster farmers are also restoring waterways, preserving working waterfronts and reviving regional oyster varieties that, in many cases, had been extinct for decades.

The Trusted Sidekick: A hero is nothing without the assistance and support from his sidekick. A group of scientists developed new aqua culture techniques to bring this industry back to life.

The Notable Moment: Petes and Pearls on November 5 is the part where everyone recognizes the comeback and cheers on the hero. This event, held at the Barkley House, is meant to showcase existing farmers’ oysters and raise awareness about the social and environmental impact the sector can have on the region.

Make sure you don’t miss the comeback story of 2017. Coming to you during Foo Foo Festival 2017!

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