“Always a Bridesmaid”

Date Posted: Jul 17, 2015

“Always A Bridesmaid ” is a classic comedy about four high school friends who have sworn to be in each other’s weddings, no matter what. Writers Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten bring these women together more than 30 years after their high school graduation as these Southern friends for life are making “the long walk,” determined to honor their teenage vow.

Everyone that has ever been married, served as a bridesmaid, or has heard the horrifying and amusing stories of wedding party antics will relate to this hilarious performance.

The Pensacola Little Theatre will present this comedy on November 6-8 and November 12-15  in the Pensacola Little Theatre Courtroom. Five accomplished actresses will anchor the production: Valerie Russenberger, Kathy Holsworth, Marilyn Shugart, Sheryl Vandenburg and Donna Quinn.

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