Dan Hillman’s Short 3D Foo Foo Documentary

Date Posted: Nov 19, 2014

Not many Foo Foo Festivalgoers can say they got the opportunity to meet the man behind the mesmerizing, multi-sensory experience of “A Tale of Five Flags.” Dan Hillman, owner of Upsider, got such an opportunity to meet and work with CEO of Paintscaping, Philippe Bergeron.

Hillman describes the meeting as an “incidental contact” that he approached Mr. Bergeron in between showings to talk about his business, which is videography. Hillman said, “ He invited me upstairs in Seville Towers to see his projector setup and watch the process.” To Hillman’s excitement, Mr. Bergeron agreed to an interview and explained the unique content of the Pensacola 3D video mapping projection.

Hillman shared some of Mr. Bergeron’s feelings; “he explained to me that this was the first projection he had ever presented that included a live action segment were a live actor interacted with the characters in the projection.” Hillman said that it was an amazing opportunity to capture the event, the emotions of the viewers and the genius behind the multi-sensory experience.

Hillman created a short documentary that he has shared exclusively with Foo Foo Fest! Check it out!


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